Monthly Archives September 2015

To learn, to learn again

The law introduces qualification requirements for tax consultants. Recall that today the Chamber of tax consultants already engaged in learning this profession and issues corresponding documents (certificates). The law fundamentally changes the system of professional training of future tax advisers...
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Tax consultants: we will prorate you!

This is a very USA: to first create problems and then undertake heroic efforts to overcome them. We initially accepted by the Tax code, which would break the leg even of some George Soros, then there is amended (part-about 200 for 15 years)...
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The perspectives of the audit

The market trend is obvious – the consolidation of audit. About this they say the latest statistics and legislative initiatives of the state controller.
Small companies will be forced either to join or to leave the market.
The locomotive of development, of course, will be the international experience of IFRS and ISA...
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The stages of development of audit

In the Soviet and tsarist Russia such thing as audit was not. The audit history begins in 1989, when according to the Decree of the Council of Ministers, was organized the first audit firm and held the first Soviet audit...
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Statutory audit mandatory for all joint stock companies

Last year was a number of amendments to the legislation on audit activity, in particular clarify and expand the cases of compulsory audit. According to the new wording of paragraph 1 of part 1 of article 5 of Federal law dated 30.12.2008 No...

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